Classical Arts Centre

Adult Ballroom

Rotating classes, currently offered by our instructor Chris Snow. Ballroom dance helps build an understanding of ballroom dance fundamentals, builds mastery of ballroom dance steps as well as connection within the body for a well-balanced and expressive dance form. Ballroom dancing at IBT builds confidence and technical ability to perform ballroom dance steps, highly enjoyed by the dancers.

Boys Dance 13+

Boys will have the chance to explore all major forms of dance including modern, contemporary, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap and partnering in a class focused on male dance technique. Class styles and forms will rotate, with guest teachers visiting. This class is very encouraging for male dance students, and helps build the love of dance, coordination, musicality, technical understanding, self-esteem and confidence. Students with aspirations for musical theater and acting careers are encouraged to take this class, as all dance styles and forms will be reviewed.

Musical Theater

Musical theater dance is the study of Broadway dance styles, and an excellent class for fun, performance, and skills-building. Young students as well as teens and adults learn dance movement that enables them to learn and perform choreography from selected musicals. Classes run from beginner to intermediate musical theater dance students, developing musicality and performance skills. Fun for all ages!

Stretch & Conditioning (11+)

Stretching and Conditioning is typically taken along with a ballet course or other dance course at IBT.  This class develops flexibility and is a strength building class designed for those who wish to enhance their strength, flexibility, and thus, dancing potential. Specific exercises focus on body conditioning, and target core strength, turn-out and range of movement as well as body connectivity.

Stretch, Leaps, & Turns (11+)

For the modern, contemporary or jazz dancer as well as ballet student, “Stretch, Leaps and Turns” class further develops mastery of the basic movements underlying turning and leaping, integral to the dancers performance and classroom skills. This class utilizes increased stretch to enhance dance movements such as flexibility and balance, and helps the student to further advance and master their skills.

Stretch & Pirouettes (Company Level)

This course allows for regular, supervised practice of pirouettes to produce consistent, perfect pirouettes.  Dancers work on mastery of balance, maintaining and improving core strength and elegant control, as well as core body concepts underlying turning and stretching for peak performance, understanding, and mastery of skill.

Dancing for Health Workshops

IBT’s “Dance for Wellness” is a dance for health program, with dance and movement curriculum designed for children through adults with special needs, for individuals interested in wellness and balance through mobility, and for fun! Dance instructors are professionals and teachers within other fields, bringing Dance/Movement Therapy and Occupational Therapy skills to this program. Please check back for upcoming dates and program details or join our newsletter to stay informed.